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Did you know that?

The bento box
a simple
Le Bento
  • Eat better
  • Save money
  • Fight food waste
  • Protect the environment

Stand out

Why do 1/3 of French people take a packed lunch to work?
Because it tastes good
Because it’s practical
To save money

(Health: Almost 1/3 of French people bring their lunch to work)

of people consider eating to be a pleasure and cook every day
(Consommation alimentaire : Les 5 nouvelles tendances - Les Echos – 24 Février 2016)
of French people enjoy home-cooked food
(Vivre mieux : La lunchbox a du succès en France - France 3 Pays De La Loire – 17 mars 2016)

Streamline your everyday routine

The bento box is practical – and economical
25 mins.
That’s how long French people have for lunch
(Le retour de la gamelle au travail - L'indépendant.- 28 février 2016)
1,749 €/year
The average amount French people spend on eating away from home
(Study conducted by Gira Conseil - 2014)
3,000 €/year
Average money saved by eating at work with your bento lunch box.
(Study conducted in France by monbento)
of French adults have a snack between 16.00 and 17.00 and 34% have a little hunger pang mid-morning
(Morgan L. (7 juin 2012). Pas de pénurie pour le goûter ! LSA)
When asked, of children would like a snack box
(Study conducted by IFOP for ADEME in April 2013)
Protect yourself and the environment
86% of employees worry every day about having a balanced diet, and 81% watch their diet for health reasons.
(Study conducted by Harris Interactive for Malakoff Mederic - 2012)
Every year of the food produced worldwide is wasted.
(Study conducted by Toulouse metropolis in partnership with the laboratory of social psychology at the University of Aix-Marseille in 2015)
The amount of food wasted per restaurant meal.
(Ministry of agriculture, food and forestry, France)
of restaurants that don’t offer doggy bags intend to offer them in the future.
(Arte (émission du 23 janvier 2016). Six usages insolites des bouteilles en plastique)
less food is wasted by people using a (bento type) container for their lunches. Compared to those who use a plate (cafeteria type).
In comparison to those who use plates (cafetaria type), (Elizabeth, R. (March 2016) Waste not, Want not. National Geographic)
200 million
That's the number of plastic bottles thrown away every day.
(Arte (émission du 23 janvier 2016). Six usages insolites des bouteilles en plastique)
Between 3-7 litres of water
Average amount of water needed to manufacture a 1-litre throwaway plastic bottle.
(Arte (France), broadcast on 23 January 2016. Six unusual uses of the plastic bottle)