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Every opportunity is good to invite a family member to enjoy a tasty lunch away from home, carried with ease and style! Birthdays, Mother's Day or Father's Day, Christmas, a "will you be my Godfather" gift or a Godmother birthday gift idea, to remind your brother or sister how amazing they are, or just for the pleasure of giving unique gifts: discover our selection of personalised, Made in France lunch boxes that will warm their heart!

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Through thick and thin, our loved ones are always there for us! In memory of holidays at the beach, the lake or the mountain with the whole family, baking sessions at home with your sister or brother, getaway weekends with your Godfather or Godmother and all the important stages in our life: leave a lasting impression with a personalised gift that will warm your loves ones' heart and make their everyday life much easier! These bento boxes engraved just for moms, dads, sisters, brothers, Godmothers or Godfathers will follow them to the office, to their yoga classes or even to their weekend hikes in the nature and will remind them how much you love them!

For birthdays

The birthday boy or birthday girl deserves an exceptional gift on their special day: how about a bento box engraved just for them? For their birthday, invite your mom, dad, sister, brother, Godmother or Godfather to take care of themselves with a lunch box made in France, carrying a sweet message that will warm their heart! Made with high-quality materials, these personalised lunch boxes can be reused many times to follow them in all their adventures for many years to come!

For Christmas

This Christmas will be all about self-care! Thanks to personalised bento boxes, invite your brother, sister, mom, dad, Godfather or Godmother to take care of themselves and the environment: preparing each day their homemade meal to take everywhere with them, they will be able to control what they eat and reduce their consumption of disposable packaging by avoiding buying a ready-made lunch at the supermarket. With their pretty colours and their exclusive engraved messages, these customised lunch boxes are a gift as useful as it is beautiful!

For important events

Some occasions deserve an exceptional gift that will last over time: your sister's graduation, your brother's engagement, your parents leaving for a trip around the world, your Godmother buying a house, your Godfather adopting a dog and many more. Share these joyful moments and congratulate your loves ones with a unique, original and personalised gift: an engraved lunch box Made in France! Perfect to take with them on their new adventures the precious and secret family recipes!

When they are moving in or moving out

Your brother or sister is moving out of the family house to start their own adventure? Your parents just bought a new house? To congratulate them in this new step in their lives, give them a personalised gift that they will be able to use at home but also away: an engraved lunch box! Microwave, fridge and even freezer safe, this bento box can be used to meal prep or batch cook, which is very convenient to save time during the week. And once they are done eating, they can just place their reusable gift in the dishwasher and voilà!

For their new job

Your brother or your sister just got a new job? Your Godmother or Godfather just started their own business? What a good opportunity to give them a little congratulatory gift! With personalised lunch boxes, they will be able to easily take their tasty homemade meals to the office and impress their new colleagues with their great cooking skills! And thanks to the cute nicknames and kind messages engraved on the top lid, your loved ones will know that you are by their side in this new chapter of their professional life!

To announce a birth

If you want to tell your friend, your brother, your sister or your cousin that they are going to become Godfather or Godmother in a unique and unforgettable way, we have the perfect gift for you: an engraved bento box, Made in France! Whether it's a lilttle nickname to remind them that they will do an amazing job or a funny quote that will make them smile, one thing is for sure: this personalised gift will fill the future Godfather or Godmother with happiness!

For Mother's Day and Father's Day

With everything our parents do for us, it is only natural that they have (at least) one day a year dedicated to them! Take advantage of Mother's Day and Father's Day to give them a personalised gift that will be useful in their daily life: a two-tiered bento box, perfect to organise their on-the-go meals prepared with love! Engraved with caring nicknames, these customised lunch boxes guarantee a successful gift!

For wedding anniversaries

Cotton, Wooden, Steel, Crystal, Silver and even more: every wedding anniversary is a good opportunity to give a gift! If you are looking for a unique, practical and personalised gift idea for your parents' wedding anniversary, discover our selection of bento boxes engraved just for our Daddy Cool and Greatest Mom! A useful and high-quality gift that will last over time, just like their love!

To simply say thank you

Our Godmother, Godfather, brothers, sisters, Mom and Dad are there for us in good times and harder ones; they make us laugh and comfort us, they support us and guide us, they shower us with affection and kindness ... for all these times they have been amazing with you, thank them with a personalised gift: a reusable bento box that will follow them for years!

Gifts just for fun, because why not?

After all, there is no need to wait for a special occasion to please your loved ones: with engraved lunch boxes, every day is a celebration! To thank your parents for everything they have been doing and keep doing for you, to make it easier for your brother or sister to prepare their on-the-go meals, to remind your Godmother or Godfather how much they are loved or just for the pleasure of giving them a gift that is as useful as it is convenient to use: lunch boxes carry many messages!