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monbento® sets parents/kids

What could be more adorable than kids matching their parents? At monbento®, we simply can't resist such cuteness! So that's why we're giving you an opportunity to go a step further with matching parent/child lunch box sets! A lunch box and bottle for Mum or Dad and a lunch box and bottle for their mini-me, in bright, cheerful colours and even a customisation option: now there's an original and practical family gift idea!

monbento lunch boxes

Airtight, BPA-free* and perfectly adapted to your on-the-go adventures, discover all our lunch boxes!
The opportunity to reheat your meal in the car, two tiers to compartmentalise your meal, insulating properties to keep it at the right temperature, transparent elements to whet your appetite or even a design perfectly adapted to tiny hands: the monbento lunch boxes fit all your needs!
Available in many colours and patterns, find the one that best reflects your personality!
Guaranteed for 3 years (2 years for the MB Warmer), our lunch boxes will follow you for many years. And if you lose a component or want to customise your lunch partner, discover our spare parts!

What are the benefits of a bento style lunch box?

Adopting a reusable bento box means adopting a new on-the-go meal partner that makes your daily life easier in many ways!
A bento lunch box helps you save time by preparing your meal the day before and bringing it to the office the next day, thus avoiding shopping during lunch breaks.
It can also be used for meal prep or batch cooking, to prepare meals for the whole week during the weekend and free up time after work (discover batch cooking recipes on our blog!).
A bento box also allows you to keep control of what you eat: by preparing your own meals with love at home, you can use local and seasonal ingredients.
Made with lasting materials, monbento lunch boxes also help you reduce waste: they can be reused for many years! They even allow you to limit food waste at the restaurant, by placing your leftovers directly in your bento box, to be able to enjoy them the next day at home, at the office or on on the holiday road.

How do you pick a good bento box?

The best lunch box will be the one that fits your daily needs and habits. Whether you prefer your meals to be perfectly organised or when all the ingredients are mixed together to create new flavours; whether you tend to eat on the road or can lean on refrigerators and microwaves; whether you prefer to have several small snack boxes or one lunch box that gathers all your meal; or whether you are used to preparing your meals in advance or prefer to have a practical container to carry with you at all times to pick up your orders at your favourite restaurant ... one thing is for sure: your lunch box will follow you day after day, in all usual and exceptional situations, so take all the time you need to choose your new to-go lunch partner!
Need a little help? Discover all our bento boxes below!

MB Original: the daily bento box Made in France

Made in France, the MB Original is the very first bento box we have created! This lunch box and its 1L (34 floz) total capacity distributed on two tiers is perfect to carry a complete, well compartmentalised lunch. Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, this lunch box makes your daily life easier!

MB Square: the large lunch box Made in France

For your mixed salads, sandwiches or generous dishes, choose the MB Square lunch box and its two high edge compartments. Thanks to its two included elastic bands, use this lunch box with one or two tiers, according to your desires!

MB Element: the insulated lunch box

Microwaves and fridges are no longer needed with this insulated bento box that will keep your meal at the right temperature for up to 10h**! Its 550 ml (18,6 floz) total capacity will make it easy for you to carry a complete meal thanks to the convenient handle on its lid.

MB Capsule: the small insulated bento lunch box

Transporting your snacks has never been so easy with this insulated cute lunch box that will keep your compote or little salad fresh for up to 5h**. Its compact shape will easily fit in all your bags and its pretty patterns will bring a fun note to your lunch set! Its convenient 280 ml (9,5 floz) capacity is also perfect to hold and keep at temperature a kids' meal or toddler's mashed vegetables.

MB Lib: the to-go bowl

Soups and cereals will follow you everywhere thanks to this to-go airtight bowl! And there's no risk of forgetting your cutlery: its ergonomic design includes a handy spoon that perfectly fits on its lid! Fitted with a double wall, this bowl will keep your meal at the right temperature for up to 2h**.

MB Gourmet: the transparent bento box Made in France

Whet your appetite with this clear bento box that is perfect for batch cooking! Its 850 ml (29 floz) capacity allows you to pack complete dishes that will remain well organised in its two removable food cups, held in place by the slight divider built into the container.

MB Jar: the salad bowl Made in France

Smooth soups and colourful layered salads are all yours thanks to this salad bowl and its transparent container with a total capacity of 1L (34 floz)! Thanks to the steam release cap on its lid, you can even reheat your meal in the microwave.

MB Tresor: the kids' bento box

Little foodies also deserve their own lunch box! With the MB Tresor bento box and its design adapted to tiny hands, kids can easily enjoy a complete meal: main course, starter, dessert or little snack will perfectly fit in the container and 2 food cups of this bento box for children!

MB Wonder: the kids' compartmentalised tray

With its tray design and its 100% removable lid, children will be able to enjoy a homemade meal at school or on a picnic, just like they were eating from a compartment plate! Its stainless steel tray divided into 5 small compartments makes it easy for kids to organise their meal as they want!

MB Gram: the monbento snack box

It's snack time! Thanks to this small airtight lunch box, kids can easily carry their snack. And to avoid an unfortunate exchange of snacks, the MB Gram can be customised thanks to the small interchangeable tags on its lid.

How big should a lunch box be?

The monbento lunch boxes are suitable for all appetites and all situations: little snacks, comfort food and picnics to share are all covered!
With their two tiers, the MB Original and MB Square divided lunch box containers allow you to adapt the size of your bento box to your daily menu: they can be used with one tier to carry main dishes, or with their two levels to add an appetizer and a dessert or to carry a picnic to share, for example.
For small soups or salads, the MB Lib with its 15 floz (0,45 L) capacity is ideal. Larger salads or soups are easier to carry in the MB Jar and its high edges.
Kids have two options: the MB Tresor has an airtight container (once the product is closed) of 17 floz (0,5 L), which is ideal for their main dish, and two small food cups of 5 floz (0,15 L) each for small desserts or snacks. The MB Wonder has a large total capacity of 32 floz (0,95 L) divided into 5 compartments to allow kids to enjoy plenty of different flavors. Whatever your choice, one thing is for sure: your little ones will have everything they need to grow up well!
You got our point: monbento offers you many options so choose the bento box that will best fit your desires and habits!

Are the monbento lunch boxes dishwasher safe?

The monbento bento boxes are designed to make the everyday life easier: the MB Original, MB Square, MB Jar, MB Gourmet, MB Tresor ,MB Wonder and MB Gram cool lunch boxes can be placed directly in the upper rack of the dishwasher and washed with a gentle cycle (the lids or containers with patterns should be washed preferably by hand to preserve their colours and details). The MB Capsule, MB Element and MB Lib containers can also be placed in the dishwasher (their lids should be washed by hand.)

How do you warm up lunch in a bento box?

With monbento lunch boxes, you can enjoy a hot or cold meal, wherever and whenever you want!
Did somebody say hot meals? Thanks to the steam release cap on their lid, the MB Original, MB Square, MB Jar and MB Gourmet pleakproof lunch boxes can be reheated in the microwave (500 W - 3 min maximum). The MB Tresor lunch box for children can also be placed in the microwave without the lids, so that little ones can enjoy hot meals too. No microwave? No worries, you have two alternatives: keep your food hot in the MB Element or MB Capsule insulated bento boxes.
If you prefer cold meals, we have good news for you: our lunch boxes can be stored in the refrigerator. The MB Original, MB Square, MB Tresor , MB Wonder, MB Jar and MB Gourmet bento boxes can even be placed in the freezer to store your batch cooking for the whole week. No refrigerator available? Choose instead the MB Element or MB Capsule stainless steel insulated lunch boxes: your meals will stay cool for up to 12 hours**!

What should I put in my bento box?

The monbento lunch boxes make it easy to carry complete meals. Starters, main course, desserts, snacks: there is a place for everything! Compartmentalising is what makes a bento box unique in the Japanese tradition. That is why the MB Original and MB Square lunch boxes are fitted with two tiers and a food cup, so that you can divide the various parts of your meal.
Served in a bento box, the dish looks as good as is tastes! Carefully cut ingredients, use bright colours, have fun creating playful shapes for children, use different textures... with their transparent elements, the MB Jar, MB Gourmet and MB Wonder bento boxes will whet your appetite even more!
A bento box is filled with love, but also and especially with tasty ingredients! Need some inspiration? Discover all our recipes, classified by product, by season or by type of dish on our blog!

*in accordance with the regulations
**depending on its content, conditions and environment of use

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