Peugeot x monbento®: A limited edition collection

Discover the Peugeot x monbento® collection, the perfect example of what happens when the art of cooking meets ingenious design!

Each contributing their own expertise, these two iconic have teamed up to create a limited edition collection that combines the elegance of Peugeot designs with the exceptional presentation of monbento®.


Two French brands

Peugeot embodies more than 200 years of excellence in good taste, and is renowned around the globe for its exceptional salt and pepper grinders. Its products combine tradition and innovation to offer an unrivalled flavour experience.

monbento®, the reference name in lunch boxes and accessories for lunch on the go, has revolutionised the way we present and enjoy our lunches, pairing practicality with stylish aesthetics.

A unique collection

So, it only seemed natural that these two brands, and each of their wonderful universes, joined forces! The result of this collaboration is a collection with unique character, featuring a lunch box, insulated bottle and cutlery set.

With the Peugeot x monbento® collection, each lunch becomes a celebration of good taste and design, inviting you to enjoy each moment and morsel with style and elegance.